Jerry Maguire, Show Me the Money! Benefits of Obtaining a Sports Management Degree

Besides the more mundane functions, such as arranging coaching and training times and venues, uniforms, travel, and budget development and accounting, an “executive sports manager” is responsible for the drafting and signing of new players and player trades.

Executive sports management are mostly behind-the-scenes professions. Public awareness of the close relationship between the agent, the player, and the team’s executive management was raised by the movie “Jerry Maguire”, where the NFL player played by Cuba Gooding Jr. demands, in the enduring quote from the movie, that his agent “Show me the money!”

A team’s executive sports manager works directly with the player’s agent and the team’s GM, negotiating salary and length of contract. An academic track to an executive level position with a professional team requires a Master’s or other advanced sports management online degree. Curriculum first focuses general MBA-level coursework in business, law, human resources, and economics. Subsequent executive sports management degree coursework includes sports-specific media, PR, communications, and marketing, including fan club development and management, as well as training on software used in collegiate settings and in the MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS, and NHL, talent scouting and sports agency, human resources, NCAA academics and compliance law, and game day and ticket operations.

A majority of executive managers entering their job through a non-academic track were successful players and/or coaches, making a natural transition from player or coach to executive sports management. The aspiring executive sports management degree seeking student will also benefit from experience that demonstrates ability to take a team to victory. Experience as a successful player or coach is essentially a prerequisite for both the non-academic and academic tracks to a career as an executive manager.

Event managers work with professional major league and minor league sports, as well as intercollegiate, and organized regional, local, and corporate amateur sports. Destination and tourism associations, including Convention and Visitor Bureaus, increasingly employ sport event managers to help them capitalize on the potential for attracting and growing sporting events in their city or region.

Event management students learn how to produce sporting events, including recruiting, organizing, and motivate volunteers, and finding appropriate sponsors for the event, using a variety of public relations strategies and campaign models. Coursework and practicum are designed to help sports management students master the skills necessary to ethically and effectively market a sporting event to sponsors, attendees, and competitors.

Some sports management degree graduates enter the event management field in a sales position. A small organization may employ a new management degree graduate as their corporate sales director. A large organization may employ an event manager as director of ticketing and finance or as corporate or campus event manager.

A Sport Management degree graduate entering a career as an event manager will have job responsibilities that vary by type sport and type of organization, and, of course, the level of management. But the focus will always be on the business aspect of the sport, including event sponsorship, promotion, media relations, and broadcasting, as well as ticketing and accounting. A typical sport event manager’s workweek is 50 – 60 hours, including some night and weekend hours.

Sports Management Degree Online – Get Paid Even When You Don’t Play

If you are interested in anything that concerns sports like fitness management, sports coaching and sports studies among others, then a sports management degree online program is just what you need. There are actually various programs and courses you can take within this field of study. This includes sports science, athlete management, sports revenue management, sports medicine and more.

These days, you can develop your love for sports into a promising career. We used to look up to professional athletes and think that they are the only ones who can turn their passion for sports into high paying careers. This is no longer the case.

Sports is a multi billion dollar industry that features a wide range of behind-the-scenes-jobs that are necessary to make the industry function. Consequently, there are myriad opportunities in marketing, management, supervisory positions, coaching, athletic management, public relation, advertising etc.

Sports management is one of the most exciting careers because it requires individuals who is both familiar with the physical and business side of sports. What a sports manager does is crucial to the success of a team. To excel in this career, you need to have marketing and business aptitude; be willing to work long hours and have the ability to negotiate and communicate well and have a love for the game you represent.

Competition for most positions in this field is intense. However, if you are armed with an accredited sports management degree online and are a go-getter, you possess what it takes to reach the top.

Similar to programs offered at traditional colleges, online sports management degree programs are also offered from bachelor’s and master’s levels to doctoral level. If you have a background in marketing, law or business, this degree program is right up your alley.

The curriculum includes courses in athletic management, business management, marketing and accounting. These are the type of courses that will give you the foundation to succeed in this field.

The job opportunities and salaries available in this field vary according to depending in your area of sports management. Public relations specialists earn an average of about $50,000+ a year and college level sports administrators earn an average of $76,000+ per year.

Career in Sports Management – Are You Game for a Career in Sports Management?

Do you enjoy sports or sporting activities? Do you happen to be a good leader who is great at inspiring others to do a better job? If so, then you may be a perfect candidate for a career in sports management.

When most people think of sports managers, they imagine the person who is the one managing the team. Although that is one major area of sports management, it isn’t the only one. There are a lot more aspects of sports management that you may not have even think of.

You could manage the concession staff, or the advertising division. Having a career in sports management means that you could end up managing virtually any part of the running operations of a sports team or sports arena. If you desire to be a specific sports manger, you can do that, although you will have a harder time finding that competitive job. If you keep your options open, you will have an easier time getting a career in sports management.

Even if you want a career in sports management in a definite area of the field, such as team management, you still should start with openness with what you will manage. Your first priority should be working in the sports industry altogether. If you can get your feet in there, you will be much more suitable to be offered a job as a sports manager.

If you work at a sports complex as an ordinary staff, you could rise to the manager level from there. This usually happens if you demonstrate a lot of promise and express your intention of having a career in sports management. From there, you should make every effort to become the manager of the section of the stadium or other sports area that you are working in.

Once you become a victorious sports manager of one area, your bosses will have an easier time considering you for a management position in the area of sports that you most wish to work it. After all, it is a high honor to be a sports team manager. These folks often get a lot of credit for the state of the team and are sometimes put on par with the team’s coach.

If you want a career in sports management for a professional sports team, then you will definitely need to prove that you have lots of initiative. Practically anyone could become a sports manager of the concession’s staff, but it takes someone really exceptional to get promoted to managing a team.

If this is something that you are striving for, then you need to constantly educate yourself in management and do your utmost to be as good as you possibly can. If you have the drive, then you can do literally anything.